The metal problem with cell phone signals

Cell phone signal boosters and metal buildings are a match made in heaven why? it has been known that cell phone signals have a hard time getting into metal buildings. There is a specific reason why this has been an issue until the cell phone signal boosters came into the market.what metal building does to cell phone signal is that it blocks the signal from penetrating and metal outdoor structure. This is a phenomenon  caused by what in the industry it’s called a Faraday’s cage!


What is a Faraday’s cage? Faraday’s cage is a metal structure or for that matter any metal structure at interacts with the external EMF or electromagnetic force and dissipate the magnetic field on the surface of the structure this was observed by a scientist back in the 1800s by the name of Michael Faraday and hence the name Faraday’s cage.What he observed was that whenever you pass are trying to pass any signal that is that has electrical properties onto a metal structure that signal tends to interact with the metal structure and that metal structure absorbs all the energy from the signal and dissipates it throughout its surface. This was a fascinating find at that time that helped physicists and scientists to protect sensitive measurement instruments from being evicted from external forces outside the structure in which they are housed.


Fast forward 200 years we have cell phone signals that need to be in every nook and corner of every building because it has become part of our lives. Metal buildings are great for structural integrity ,energy saving properties, and the ease of construction makes it  an ubiquitous way of constructing buildings in the modern day. However they post a huge problem when it comes to getting cell phone signal to work inside those buildings because of the Faraday’s cage or Faraday’s law we just mentioned above. There is work around this issue and that’s where a cell phone signal booster comes in handy.


How Will a cell phone signal booster help with metal buildings?

The good news with having a metal building and poor cell phone signal is that when the cell phone signal  is brought into the building the same phenomenon that is keeping the signal from entering the building will act to keep the signal from escaping the building.  this phenomenon is advantageous when using a cell phone signal booster because with the cell phone signal booster the strong signal is brought into the building and broadcasted inside the building where that signal  is going to have a hard time from getting out. how? The cell phone signal is going to hit the walls of the metal building and the metal is going interact with the signal and neutralize it from getting out of the building so the signal is trapped in essence inside the metal building. hens having a cell phone signal booster inside a metal building is the best way to bring in poor cell phone signal and make it into a stronger cell phone signal inside that building.


5G network and its capabilities going forward

Why is 5G Network such an important technological advance in this next technological Revolution and why deploying it in a Rapids fashion is very important . we all know from the last technological advancement that happened on the 4G network that cell phone communication is imperative to everything that you are going to do in our lifetime going forward. now that’s it cell phone technology can only go so far because there’s a bandwidth limitation that cannot exceed ascertain speed a bandwidth innocence could be understood a water pipe and the amount of water that flows could be understood as the amount of data  that transfers.


The amount of data transfers is what is going to deter mine how fast we can get things done. If you want to increase the flow of water water pipe analogy that we are talking about what you would do is to increase the diameter of the pipe or in our case what we’re trying to do with the data transfer history increase the diameter of data by diameter of data what I mean is the amount of which are how much data can be transferred  given particular amount of time.This task can be accomplished by improving the speed at which the water flows basically what we are trying to accomplish is produce more data cruncher done faster.Now there’s only so much you can do to increase the diameter of the pipe and its 4G network we have hit a limitation where the pipe diameter  is not delimitation anymore where we have a limitation is with the amount of glow hockey right self phone can only process so fast so what you trying to do now is to take the processing away from the phone and take it to a central processing unit in our case that would be a cloud computer so this is what happened when we went from private networks to Cloud networks like how Facebook Google Apple all the other cloud computing Technologies operate is to produce results my computing computations on a separate location than where you are physically present.

So with 5G Network what can happen is take the Computing away from your phone and do it elsewhere so phone is just a conduit not where process gets done process happens at a different location and computation happens along with the process and the results are delivered to the phone which one Lee takes a small amount of energy. the 5G network is based on this idea that you have high frequency data is being processed at very high rate add a separate location and the only need for you is to get that result same to you and your phone is just a device to receive that result. But this technology what can happen is beyond ones wildest imagination.