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5G network and its capabilities going forward

Why is 5G Network such an important technological advance in this next technological Revolution and why deploying it in a Rapids fashion is very important . we all know from the last technological advancement that happened on the 4G network that cell phone communication is imperative to everything that you are going to do in our lifetime going forward. now that’s it cell phone technology can only go so far because there’s a bandwidth limitation that cannot exceed ascertain speed a bandwidth innocence could be understood a water pipe and the amount of water that flows could be understood as the amount of data  that transfers.


The amount of data transfers is what is going to deter mine how fast we can get things done. If you want to increase the flow of water water pipe analogy that we are talking about what you would do is to increase the diameter of the pipe or in our case what we’re trying to do with the data transfer history increase the diameter of data by diameter of data what I mean is the amount of which are how much data can be transferred  given particular amount of time.This task can be accomplished by improving the speed at which the water flows basically what we are trying to accomplish is produce more data cruncher done faster.Now there’s only so much you can do to increase the diameter of the pipe and its 4G network we have hit a limitation where the pipe diameter  is not delimitation anymore where we have a limitation is with the amount of glow hockey right self phone can only process so fast so what you trying to do now is to take the processing away from the phone and take it to a central processing unit in our case that would be a cloud computer so this is what happened when we went from private networks to Cloud networks like how Facebook Google Apple all the other cloud computing Technologies operate is to produce results my computing computations on a separate location than where you are physically present.

So with 5G Network what can happen is take the Computing away from your phone and do it elsewhere so phone is just a conduit not where process gets done process happens at a different location and computation happens along with the process and the results are delivered to the phone which one Lee takes a small amount of energy. the 5G network is based on this idea that you have high frequency data is being processed at very high rate add a separate location and the only need for you is to get that result same to you and your phone is just a device to receive that result. But this technology what can happen is beyond ones wildest imagination.


5g network potential and possibilities

As we all know that 5g is the next generation network protocol for faster speed and connectivity with the smart things and components at home or in the car. The 5G next generation technology is faster then the 4G. 4G was supposed to max out at 100 Mbps and 5G is specked to max out at 10 Gbps. 1 Gbps is equal to 1000 Mbps. 5g is not only faster but also more consistent technology that keeps the phones and other devices connected more securely and firmly as far as loosing connectivity and dropped call goes. If 5g were to be used in connected everything vision the technology companies have been developing for all these years then a reliable technology that lives will depend up on has to be a necessary platform and for that to happen 5g is a must. Internet is getting more crucial to the way we conduct business and to be connected 24×7 is a must for us to leap forward. Everything from cars, smart homes, smart watches, home security equipment and even smart cloths. 3g was great for mobile data, texts and such things, 4g did mobile and internet for chats, emails, videos etc but 5g is what we need for autonomous cars, home security, smart health for your doctor to monitor a patient. Some of the speed features are mind boggling that a round trip for a data to be sent a receives in less then 1 millionth of a second. 1000’s of connected devices being connected all at the same time and this is one of the crucial feature that will change the world as we know it. The 1 Gbps of data service to each user simultaneously is a tremendous task.

Just to give you an idea as to how fast the 5g technology actually is :

A movie that is 2h long in HD quality on a 3G will download in 26 hours

On 4G it will take 6 minutes, which if you think is too long, you are in for a treat on the 5g!

It will take a mere 3.5 seconds and that is great news for movie watchers.With you tube and other on demand movie enthusiast you can see how this will become an instant hit.


It is the amount of time it takes a request (from a cell phone) to a server that is hosting lets say whats app to get sent and a response received .

On 3G it takes 100 milliseconds

On 4g about 60 milliseconds

On 5g it ca be done in 1ms to 10ms which is less the the time it takes to blink your eye. With this technology the real time applications like autonomous vehicle can actually become a practical application and you can see the potential this opes us up to.

However all this positive news is also bogged down with radiation issues that the 5g has been bombarded with and time will tell how all this plays out.


4G and 5G are two different technologies that is expected to change how we use our phones from hence forth

Bigger is better, right?! Only this time it is instead of 1 big tower doing the task of serving N number of phones, it is going to be multiple smaller towers that are going to take on the task of serving smaller chunks of the population. The way it works is instead of having long range transmission with low frequency plagued by latency, the 5G technology solves the latency (slow speed) issue by breaking the data in small chunks and transmitting through high frequency band width and placing the server or the computational facility close to the device that works on the processed information. The demands the 5g servers will have are totally separate from what the 4G servers have had to do. The computational process is a different set of challenge as well, in the 4G world they computational work was done in a hand full of places in the whole of North America. However their are CDN (content delivery networks) that help disperse this results with speed, however those units were just aiding in the transfer process and not the computation process where the real processing and mathematical calculations were done. It was a good system sufficient enough to get the job done and that is why companies like Akamai were such good ideas in the past decades. However the new technology requires not only speed in delivery but also speed in computation. The best analogy would be to compare the CDN’s to the muscle and the main server centers as the brain. With a stronger muscle you can do the heavy lifting faster when lifting something but the signal to lift that item has to be given by the brain. Instead of having 1 big elephant lift a huge log like we are doing with 4G, we are dividing up the log into smaller chunks and having multiple donkeys carry it to the destination with the 5G. With the later approach you can deliver logs of different kind faster since that is the type of data that is required in the modern 5G world.

For instance, lets take an autonomous car and the car is going down the city streets, with the 4G world if a GPS senses an obstacle on the middle of the road and a car is approaching fast around the corner, the car must have the information about the obstacle ahead of time to get ready to stop or slow down. With the old model where the server is at one of the country and the car is driving at another, the latency or the speed with which that particular car can get that notification could be 5 sec slower then having a computational facility near by with the way it is proposed in the 5G world. 5G is going to a game changer in a lot of ways on how we live out lives for sure.