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$SPY Elliott Wave Count as of 5/30/2019

The end of the month and friday roll over with the news if of new tariff on Mexico that was announced today is setting up for fireworks in the market. The Elliott wave count that we have been tracking has been pretty spot on. The blue circle is where the short entries were taken and so far in the aftermarket the trade has been going in our favor. We just finished the 4th wave move as a ABC with AC= 1.618AB and c wave looks like an ending diagonal that is followed by a sharp decline.
if all goes as plan then the 3rd wave should end at the $274 vicinity.


$BIIB, $NKE Elliott Wave Analysis


The Elliott Wave count on this ticker symbol for Biogen is looking like a wave 3 on a ABC On the weekly chart below.

Daily $BIIB
As you can see the count is at (iii)3