iPhone needed less, but very important updates to stay on top

Even after Verizon’s iPhone was announced in the market, people opted
to wait for some more time for the release of iPhone 5, which was very
much anticipated and awaited gadget in the market. It is from the iPhone
series and successor of iPhone 3G and iPhone 4G, so it is faster,
efficient and easier to use. But this is not enough for it to stay on top. It
only needs a few updates which are important to make it to the top of the

The HTC EVO 4G Android phones was released a few months before
release of iPhone 5 and includes many features that iPhone 4G lacked.
It includes the expected 4G wireless technology and features such as
capability to output HD transmissions. It was rumored to include all the
lacking features of iPhone 4G.

It was believed that other than a few claims filed for similar patents by
Apple for its iPhone 5; nothing could make people believe that they
were going to be featured. And in the end, we have a very sleek, faster,
stylish, efficient and very successful iPhone 5 in the market. People were
expecting a lot of other things from iPhone 5 for it to become a legitimate
contender with Android’s heavyweights in the market. And these good
features of Android were efficient battery, increased memory and a
more practical security plan and iPhone 5 has really been a challenge
for Android’s heavyweights. It is sleek, stylish, longer battery with better
security features.

People were expecting Apple to keep its brand name and be among
the top cell phones in the market. And so Apple did. Apple iPhone
5 became one of the most awaited gadgets of all time and the world
saw people waiting in lines for the cell phone even before the launch
of iPhone 5. Not only, it was awaited, but proved fruitful too. iPhone 5
users claim that this is really the best gadget ever and are enjoying using

iPhone. They are satisfied with the battery life of the iPhone 5 as well as
its weight and size. It is of similar size of its previous versions, but lighter
than them. It has increased memory and a faster processor too. Within
3 days after it was launched, nearly 5 million iPhone 5 were sold and
market saw more and more bookings foriPhone 5. It holds a record for
that too.

It needed some things to remain at top, and it gave more than expected.


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