Why should you upgrade to iPhone5?

There has been a rage of iPhone5 and it has a record no of sales
since its launch and it sold nearly 5 million handsets in first 3 days of
the launch of iPhone5. With this figure you can imagine the popularity
of iPhone5 among masses and its market hold. Every iPhone user
is thinking of buying a new iPhone5 as it has introduced many new
features and many people are also switching to iPhone5 from other cell
phones. Now you must be thinking why you should upgrade from your
old phone to a brand new iPhone5 then here are some reasons which
will explain why you should upgrade to iPhone5.

1. Better display and better viewing experience.

Whenever you think of buying a handset, the first think that comes to
your mind is its screen size and the display of cell phone. And these two
things are integral part of any cell phone. And when you will go in market
iPhone5 will attract you with its excellent display quality and big screen
size. iPhone5 has a bigger display screen than iPhone4 and because
of having such a big screen it is capable of accommodating more apps
and more icons on the screen. And with new technology the icons on the
screen seem less cluttered. And with bigger screen you will also be able
to see movies and video clips with a better viewing experience.

2. Faster processor

The entire experience of using a cell phone depends on the speed of
the cell phone and with iPhone5 you get the fastest processor. And this
feature also is the main reason for you to upgrade to iPhone5. iPhone5
comes A6 chip which is relatively faster than its predecessors and
will provide you best mobile experience and it will also result in better
browsing experience. The A6 chip present in iPhone5 is two times faster
than the previous iPhones i.e. iPhone4S. With a faster processor you
will be able to surf social media, check e-mails, tweet, read e-books and
watch video clips at much faster pace. And this A6 chip also guarantees

you best of gaming experience and smooth graphics and it is very good
for avid gamers.

3. Better Camera

If you like to capture pictures and make videos then iPhone5 is the
best cellphone for you. iPhone5 is very good in capturing pictures and
shooting videos because of its 8MP camera. Not only iPhone5 offers
better camera quality than the previous versions but the quality of video
recording is also very good.


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