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Real-World Solutions In Best Security System For Home

People has not so much time to waste in today’s life. New and advance Smart home automation here helps a lot in providing comfort and saves the precious time. This technology gives the best feature and facility at every person. According to me every person should have the smart home automation system in their house. This system controls everything of your home like lighting, water heating and many more and adjust it according to the people’s need.

Today I am going to give an intro to a smart device, which has great features and facilities. OWC Power2U USB in an AC Wall Outlet is the awesome device. It happens a lot with people, that they lost their mobile chargers and then connect with with PC and laptops to charge it.

It consumes lots of energy and waste of time. This AC wall outlet helps here. This outlet is totally different from the traditional AC power outlet. In standard switch you can plug in normal plugs, but in this outlet, you can also plug in the USB cable. That’s right, it gives the flexibility of connecting the USB cable and charge smart phone through it.

This is a wall mount Outlet, so that it can set up on the wall of any room permanently. Now this outlet is available in different colors. People can buy it in black color, light almond color, in white or in Ivory. So most probably these colors can look perfect on any color wall. It makes it very easy charge the iPods, Ipad’s, smart phones, android devices, MP3 players and lots more. It has two AC power outlets and tow USB ports.

This smart home technology for smarter people is available in very cheap prices. It comes in 22 dollars, if you want 15 AMP unit and it is available at 27.50 dollars, if you wants 20 AMP unit.


Insights Into Simple Smart Home Technology Advice

Smart home automation technology has given us lots of smart devices which just not only provide luxurious life and comfort to us but also saves our money by reducing electricity bill and saves our precious time. Many people think so that smart home automation system is a waste of money and it is a thing which only matters to high society people. Well, that’s not true, smart home automation system is one time investment. Once a person spends money on it, this device always helps that person by protecting his house and saving his money.

Best smart home automation system for a home is the best device to use as a good security system. In todays life, every person wants to live productive and safe. Every person feels unsafe and afraid of leaving his home alone because of increasing crime and terror. Smart home technology gives best security service for home. The system includes cameras and motion sensors which are connected directly to smart phones and laptops through broadband internet.  Motion sensors detect each and every movement of the house and if it finds any kind of unnecessary movement in the house then it alert you by sending emails on a cell phone.

This system also provides the feature of getting live update of house by providing live images near the windows and outside the doors. The cameras come with the nigh vision features, so it also works at nights. In this way it doesn’t matter, that a person is at home or not, if he has a smart home automation system in his or her home, his home will always be protected and safe by smart technology.

The smart home shack has many devices, which are the part of future smart home automation system. Life Robot vacuum cleaner, automatic switch, multimedia control and lots more. The smart home shack is an online shop, which has a wide range of smart home devices in cheap prices.


Cleaning the house is no more headaches

After converting your cell phone into smart phone it is the time to convert your home into smart home through automation Smart home technology makes your home complete by giving it advance features like self lighting your house, best security system for home to keeps your home safe and protective and advance cleaning system that that clean your home very effectively without your interference.

Cleaning the house is seems very boring and fatiguing work. Most of the people don’t want to do that keep their home with full of dust and unclean. But with the home automation system with latest features a new product introduced in the market named robot vacuum cleaner. You must understand the most of the things by its name. Yes it is true that this device is the robotic device because it works just like that. It makes you home cleaning process very smart and easier.

IROBOT SCOOBA 390 is the one of the robot vacuum cleaner with lots of great features. This device can do prepping the surface for moping, washing, scrubbing and can vacuum the dust, dirt etc. It is the complete package of cleaning your house. This device can easily be handling by anyone and it is very easy to IROBOT, all you need to do is open up the upper lid and remove the dust from it. This device can cover up the 450 square feet area of your room.

Robot vacuum cleaner creates the map of your home and works according to it. You can control and change its time of cleaning by the remote.