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LTE Advanced is a mobile communication standard and the next step of the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard. They are planned improvement of the current standard. In March 2011, it was commercially standardised with bandwidth improvements, and a peak data rate of 3 Gbps for download and up to 1.5 Gbps for upload. In Asian countries, mostly in the metropolitan areas the availability of LTE-A connection is emerging.

With the technology called “carrier aggregation”, LTE-A achieves its high speeds. At the same time, it is able to send and receive data from two different frequencies and simplifies the way in which your device performs.


For LTE these high level goals led to further expectations, along with reduced latency for packets, and spectral efficiency improvements above Release 6 high speed packet access (HSPA) of three to four times in the downlink and two to three times in the uplink

These higher requirements are addressed with the addition of the following LTE-Advanced features:

  • Carrier aggregation enables Wider bandwidths
  • Enhanced uplink multiple access and Enhanced multiple antenna transmission (advanced MIMO techniques) enables higher efficiency

The LTE platform has dramatically improved new markets and adds functionality to improve efficiency. These are intended to mark the new term. The introduction of this new marker have confirmed the need for LTE enhancements to continue along with their distinctive development track hand in hand with the future launch for the 5G era

Keep in mind that in future LTE-A isn’t the only wireless network standard. There are also the 4GX, the XLTE and Vo-lte, which stands for Voice over LTE. By this technique users can transmit their voice over LTE network. There is no need for the use of traditional cell phone networks.





New Cell Phone Repeaters by Harris Communications in Full Compliance with 2014 FCC Regulations

Harris Communications’ cell phone amplifiers are designed to efficiently eliminate interference as required by the new regulations without any effect on wireless customers of the major carriers, all of whom have agreed to meet the new upcoming requirements. Harris Communications team of expert consultants and technicians is set to handle all aspects of implementing its new line of phone repeater equipment from conducting site surveys to designing and installing the updated equipment needed to comply with the new federal regulations. Harris Communications’ new line of cell phone antenna repeaters is providing the answer for companies and individuals looking to meet the Federal Communications Commission’s regulations governing cell phone signal amplifiers (also known as a cell phone repeaters or wireless cellular signal boosters) that are set to go into effect in March, 2014 and are designed to take aim at reducing interference that sometimes occurs with key networks and at times interrupts 911 calls. Harris Communications’ specialty is designing “Neutral Host” distributed Yagi antenna services (DAS), and its new line will be compatible with the FCC required equipment for all of the major carriers, which will result in fewer dropped calls as well as reduced interference.

Harris Communications’ superior cell phone signal booster equipment

Cell phone antenna repeaters for home and office units find the best signal at the location and amplify it for the immediate area, providing strong multi-band signals for cellular devices within their effective radius. Harris Communications’ superior new technology of cell phone repeater booster equipment amplifies signals from cellular towers and repeats them within particular ranges, providing users with remote connections to cell phone networks. Companies, organizations, and individuals alike can solve weak cellular service inside their buildings with Harris Communications’ repeater equipment. They have implemented their systems in a variety of facilities throughout the United States with custom designed solutions that can implemented meet the needs of any size facility and accommodate as many users and or carriers as customers desire. Harris has the expertise and industry experience to provide solutions to any cellular reception and relaying problem and guarantees to increase the reception of all cellular providers.